How long should hiking boots last?

North Face Hiking BootsWe were recently hiking Hunter Creek Trail in Aspen
and I said, “Have you seen your boot?

Greg looked down and said, “Hmmm.

One of the soles was coming off – and not just a little bit.

With each step, it got worse.

He had the same look he gets when I point out holes in his socks, but with a bit more apprehension.

He really likes these hiking boots and knew where they were headed.

So how long should a hiking boot last?

North Face hiking boots in Africa 10 years agoHow about… 10 years and well (ok, very well) over 1000 hiking miles on multiple continents?

Greg got this particular pair of boots to go on photo safari in Africa almost 10 years ago.

We knew after we climbed Kilimanjaro we’d want something comfortable (and clean), so we each got new medium weight boots to roam around Tanzania.

The boots are (make that were) North Face.

They encountered Caribbean rain forests, European vineyards, Moab slickrock and Colorado mountains, valleys and city streets.

And, as Greg points out, they still had their original shoelaces.

What’s next?

We are headed to Outdoor Retailer next week to check out the latest and greatest in outdoor and adventure gear, so we’ll keep our eyes out for replacement options.

Let’s hope the next pair lasts as long – and kudos North Face for a great product!



Kim Hull
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Kim Hull
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