Gheek Goggle Covers

Gheek Google CoversSki gear can take a beating.

When you’re done for the day, what do you do? Most likely dump it all in the trunk or closet and head for some après.

While most gear is pretty durable, how about the googles attached to your helmet?

Don’t you love it when you put them on the next time and there’s a big scratch on the lens?

Gheek Goggle Covers

Gheek Google CoversAs goggles continue to increase in price, protecting the lens on your investment just makes good sense.

Sure, googles generally come with a bag or pouch, but who really takes them off of their helmet and stores them after each use?

A better solution – Gheek goggle covers.

Only 20 bucks and easy to use, Gheek goggle covers simply clip over your goggle strap and cover the lens in seconds  – while still on your helmet.

Gheek Google CoversThey are made of neoprene, are water-resistant, and include a microfiber cloth to clean the inside of your lens & protect them during storage.

I have the black Maori Mask Gheeks, which are pretty understated and sleek, but Gheek goggle covers come in a variety of colors and patterns ranging from Pink to Punky.

Get your Gheek on


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